Digital TV

Montage offers highly-competitive front-end semiconductor solutions for satellite and terrestrial integrated digital TV (iDTV) applications. These solutions include matured, market-proven satellite and terrestrial tuners, demodulators and receivers, allowing the iDTV manufacturers to fully leverage our advantages in the front-end technologies to access the increasing available opportunities in the growing iDTV market.Digital TV Product List

Digital TV Solutions

TunerDemodulatorReceiver (Tuner + Demodulator)

M88TC6800 Hybrid Silicon Tuner (DTMB/DVB-T2/T, DVB-C, Analog TV)

M88TC6800 is a single-chip, high-performance hybrid silicon tuner that can be used in iDTV applications. The tuner is fully compliant with DTMB, DVB-T2/T, DVB-C digital TV standards, and supports analog TV standard such as PAL-D/K/I, etc. It has superior low noise performance making its sensitivity among the top class.

M88DM6000 DVB-T2/S2/S/T/C Multi-Standard Demodulator

The M88DM6000 is an advanced single-chip multi-standard demodulator. It combines dual ADCs and DVB-T2, DVB-T, DVB-S2/S & DVB-C demodulator cores in a 48-pin QFN package. It supports up to two streams of MPEG TS outputs. Its high performance, rich features and low power consumption enable easy design-in to various iDTV applications.

M88DD6301 DTMB Demodulator with Integrated SDRAM

The M88DD6301 is a single-chip, feature rich DTMB demodulator. Fully compliant with China GB20600-2006 standard, the device supports terrestrial multi-carrier and single-carrier modes and is compatible with single frequency network (SFN). The demodulator is highly integrated and suitable for iDTV applications.

M88RS6000B Single-chip DVB-S2 Receiver

M88RS6000B is Montage’s second generation DVB-S2 satellite receiver consolidating a tuner, a demodulator, and an LNB controller into a single, small package. Designed based on Montage’s mature silicon tuner and demodulator technologies, the receiver offers a real single-chip receiver front-end solution with robust stability, rich features and small package, which allows the iDTV manufacturers to benefit from its optimal performance, less BOM cost, and reduced time to market, etc.

“M88TS6011 + M88DS3103C” DVB-S2 Receiver Chipset

This chipset consists of the widely deployed DVB-S2 satellite silicon tuner M88TS6011 and the high-performance DVB-S2 demodulator M88DS3103C. It has been well proven in various application environments worldwide.

Digital TV Product List

Application Tuner Demodulator Receiver *
Satellite M88TS6011
Terrestrial M88TC6800
* Note: A receiver integrates a tuner and a demodulator on a single chip.
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