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Montage Technology Participates in CCBN-2018

Mar. 24, 2018, Shanghai -- Montage LZ Technologies attended the 26th China Content Broadcasting Network Expo (CCBN-2018) held in Beijing on March 22-24, 2018, showcasing its OTT/STB home entertainment total solutions and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity solutions.


In the show, Montage LZ demonstrated an OTT TV box based on its UHD 4K decoder SoC M88CC8801. The live playback of video streams through the box attracted lots of visitors by the ultra-high-definition resolution, vivid natural color restoration, and smooth playback effect. Montage LZ also highlighted its new generation HD decoder SoC M88CS8051 series based on 28nm process. The series feature a patent-pending fast switch technology, which can greatly reduce the channel switching time and improve the decoding efficiency.

Apart from the demonstration of STB solutions, Montage LZ also showcased its Wi-Fi wireless connectivity solutions, which comprise single Wi-Fi chips, Wi-Fi modules, Wi-Fi dongles, smart speakers, and IP cameras, etc. Montage LZ’s Wi-Fi solution-based smart speaker has been certified by Amazon to support its virtual assistant Alexa. The IP camera built with Montage LZ’s Wi-Fi chip is for use in home/office security and monitoring applications. The IP camera has passed various stringent technical tests demonstrating stable performance. It has higher cost-effectiveness compared with similar products in the market.

About Montage LZ Technologies

Montage LZ Technologies is a leading fabless semiconductor provider focusing on the home entertainment market. Montage LZ provides highly integrated and customizable OTT/STB total solutions for home entertainment, and offers feature-rich, cost-effective consumer IoT solutions for wireless connectivity everywhere at home. Montage LZ’s sophisticated technology platform allows it to deliver integrated solutions that meet the expanding needs of customers through continuous innovation, efficient design and rapid product development.

For more information regarding Montage LZ please visit the Company's website at http://www.montage-tech.com.

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