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Montage LZ’s Wi-Fi SoC Solution based Smart Speaker Wins AVS Certification

Mar. 29, 2018, Shanghai -- Montage LZ Technologies, a leading Chinese fabless semiconductor provider focusing on the smart home entertainment market, recently announced that Montage LZ’s Wi-Fi SoC M88WI6600 based smart speaker has won Amazon’s AVS (Alexa Voice Service) certification. This is the industry’s first Alexa-certified smart speaker that uses the Wi-Fi SoC solution from a Chinese semiconductor vendor.

The successful certification is achieved through close collaboration with Montage LZ’s partner, Shenzhen C-chip Technology. The M88WI6600 is integrated by C-chip in its wireless audio modules, which are then applied to the smart speakers by C-chip’s OEM manufacturers for end customers.

Alexa is a virtual voice assistant developed by Amazon, which helps Amazon Echo, a smart speaker device stand out in the highly competitive market. To obtain Alexa voice service authorization, the product must pass Amazon’s strict certification process, which includes a quantitative assessment of wake-up rate, voice recognition rate, etc. The M88WI6600-based smart speaker’s winning of Alexa certification demonstrates the technical advantages of Montage LZ in smart audio processing solutions.

The M88WI6600 is one of Montage LZ’s Wi-Fi SoC M88WI600X series for wireless application platforms. The M88WI600X series can support single/dual/four microphone arrays, featuring wake-word voice activation and audio decoding. Compatible with multiple network modes and wireless protocols, the M88WI600X offers a customized one-stop solution with off-line voice activation and on-line voice interaction features to meet different application requirements.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Montage LZ,” said Lu Lin, General Manager of C-chip, “The R&D teams of both sides have worked devotedly to make the smart speaker pass Amazon certification within one month, a significantly short time among the same kind of products according to Amazon. Combining technological expertise of two parties, we believe the smart speaker will bring excellent voice experience to the end users.”

“It is exciting to see that our Wi-Fi solution has enabled our partner to win Alexa certification and achieve mass production. Montage LZ has been committed to the research and development of wireless smart audio processing technology for years. To constantly optimize the user experience, Montage LZ is launching a new generation of smart audio platform with built-in smart audio processing algorithm, higher performance and integration. I believe this new platform will facilitate the upgrade of our partner’s products and thus helping them to capture new market opportunities”, said Dr. Jinxiang (Gene) Liu, President of Montage LZ Technologies.

About Montage LZ Technologies

Montage LZ Technologies is a leading fabless semiconductor provider focusing on the home entertainment market. Montage LZ provides highly integrated and customizable OTT/STB total solutions for home entertainment, and offers feature-rich, cost-effective consumer IoT solutions for wireless connectivity everywhere at home. Montage LZ’s sophisticated technology platform allows it to deliver integrated solutions that meet the expanding needs of customers through continuous innovation, efficient design and rapid product development.

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