Montage offers highly-integrated, cost-effective Wi-Fi Application Processor SoC, Network Interface Controller and IoT (Internet of Things) Wi-Fi MCU for various Wi-Fi applications, such as Wireless Audio, Wi-Fi IPC, Smart Gateway, Router/AP/Repeater, Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Interface Module, USB Dongle, IoT and Smart Home. These Wi-Fi products have comprehensive interfaces and strong operating system support with ultra-low power consumption and BOM cost to provide consumer Wi-Fi solutions for Wi-Fi everywhere.Wi-Fi Product List

Wi-Fi Products

Wi-Fi SoCWi-Fi NICIoT Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi Application Processor SoCs provide low-power, cost-effective and small-footprint solutions for various flexible Wi-Fi based applications, such as Wireless Audio, Wi-Fi IPC, Smart Gateway, Router/AP/Repeater and Smart Plug.

The Wi-Fi NIC (Network Interface Controller) series are designed for embedded Wi-Fi devices to enable networking services with minimized design effort. The Wi-Fi NIC can be used in Wi-Fi Interface Module, USB Dongle, etc. Montage can also provide its own Wi-Fi USB/SDIO module and Wi-Fi USB Dongle for customers.

The IoT Wi-Fi MCU chips provide high-performance, cost-effective solutions with minimized external circuit components and PCB size for network-enabled applications, such as Internet of Things, Smart Home devices.

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