Products and Solutions

Montage Technology is committed to providing high-performance IC-based solutions for cloud computing and data center markets

Memory Interface

Our industry-leading memory interface chips deliver higher speed, larger capacity, higher power efficiency and reliability for the memory systems of the enterprise servers world-wide

Jintide® Platform

Composed of Jintide® CPU and HSDIMM®, our Jintide® server platform has enabled real-time security monitoring at silicon level, offering more secure and reliable computing platform for data centers

New! 3rd Gen Jintide® CPU released

PCIe Retimer

Our high-performance PCIe Retimer has advanced signal conditioning capabilities, providing robust and scalable PCIe interconnect solutions for servers, storage devices and hardware accelerators


Corporate Overview

High-tech building


Founded in 2004, Montage Technology is a leading IC design company dedicated to providing high-performance, low-power IC solutions for cloud computing and data center markets.


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