Jintide® CPU


Montage Jintide® CPU is an x86 processor family with PrC (Pre-check) or DSC (Dynamic Security Check) features for use on Jintide® and other general server platforms. In addition to the performance and ecosystem compatibility of mainstream x86 processors, Jintide® CPU offers compelling silicon-level system security for cloud computing data centers. Moreover, the CPU incorporates cutting-edge heterogeneous processing and interconnect technologies to enable extensive data processing and computing power for AI and big data applications.



Local Brand
Local brand, fast-response technical support

As a local vendor, Montage Technology has deep insight into local customer needs and is able to provide fast-response technical support for customers.

PrC or DSC functions deliver hardware-level security for servers

Jintide® CPU employs PrC or DSC technologies, which provide different levels of hardware security protection to enable more secure and reliable CPU operation.

Robust performance that can rival the mainstream x86 CPUs

Designed based on Intel® Standard Xeon® processor core, Jintide® CPU demonstrates consistent features, performance and reliability with Xeon® processors.

Compatible with x86 ecosystem, easy to be deployed

Jintide® CPU is compatible with the mature x86 ecosystem and has excellent scalability, flexibility and usability, providing great convenience for the development and deployment of Jintide® CPU based servers.


Product List

CPU TypeSKUPart No.Number of CoresBase Frequency (GHz)L3 Cache (MB)TDP (W)
4th Gen Jintide®CPU NewC4410YM88JTMC4410Y122.030150
4th Gen Jintide®CPU NewC4416+M88JTMC4416+202.037.5165
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC5418YM88JTMC5418Y242.045185
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC5420+M88JTMC5420+282.052.5205
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC6430M88JTMC6430322.160270
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC6438Y+M88JTMC6438Y+322.060205
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC8452YM88JTMC8452Y362.067.5300
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC5415+M88JTMC5415+82.922.5150
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC6426YM88JTMC6426Y162.537.5185
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC6442YM88JTMC6442Y242.660225
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC6448YM88JTMC6448Y322.160225
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC8462Y+M88JTMC8462Y+322.860300
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC8468M88JTMC8468482.1105350
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC5416SM88JTMC5416S162.030150
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC6416HM88JTMC6416H182.245165
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC6418HM88JTMC6418H242.160185
4th Gen Jintide® CPU NewC8458PM88JTMC8458P442.782.5350
3rd Gen Jintide® CPU C4310M88JTMC4310122.118120
3rd Gen Jintide® CPU C4314M88JTMC4314162.424135
3rd Gen Jintide® CPUC4316M88JTMC4316202.330150
3rd Gen Jintide® CPUC5318YM88JTMC5318Y242.136165
3rd Gen Jintide® CPUC6326M88JTMC6326162.924185
3rd Gen Jintide® CPU C6330M88JTMC6330282.042205
3rd Gen Jintide® CPUC6342M88JTMC6342242.836230
3rd Gen Jintide® CPUC6346M88JTMC6346163.136205
3rd Gen Jintide® CPUC6348M88JTMC6348282.642235
2nd Gen Jintide® CPUC4215RM88JTMC4215R83.211130
2nd Gen Jintide® CPUC5218RM88JTMC5218R202.127.5125
2nd Gen Jintide® CPUC5220RM88JTMC5220R242.235.75150
2nd Gen Jintide® CPUC6226RM88JTMC6226R162.922150
2nd Gen Jintide® CPUC6230RM88JTMC6230R262.135.75150
2nd Gen Jintide® CPUC6248RM88JTMC6248R243.035.75205
1st Gen Jintide® CPU X0810M88JTMX0810182.119.25145
1st Gen Jintide® CPU X1020M88JTMX10201102.219.25145
1st Gen Jintide® CPU X1230M88JTMX12301122.119.25150
1st Gen Jintide® CPU X1640M88JTMX16401162.122180
1st Gen Jintide® CPU  X2460M88JTMX24601242.033205