Product Information

Product Type4th Gen Jintide® CPU
Number of Cores16
Number of Threads32
Processor Base Frequency2.0 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency4.0 GHz
Cache (Shared Last Level Cache)30 MB
TDP (Thermal Design Power)150 W
Instruction Set ExtensionsIntel® SSE4.2, Intel® AVX, Intel® AVX2, Intel® AVX-512, Intel® AMX
Max Memory Capacity per Socket4 TB
Memory TypesDDR5
Maximum Memory Speed4400 MT/s
Max Number of Memory Channels8
ECC Memory SupportedYes
PCIe SpecificationPCIe 5.0
Max Number of PCI Express Lanes80
Max PCIe Link Speed32 GT/s
CXL Specification1.1
Max Number of CXL Devices4 ×16
Sockets SupportedLGA4677
Package Size77.5 mm × 56.5 mm
Default SGX Enclave Size128 GB
Default Accelerator DevicesDSA 1; QAT 2; DLB 2
On Demand Activation Model Product AvailabilityAnalytics Suite 1 (IAA 1); SGX512 (Total Enclave Size 512 GB)

Key Features

  • x86 architecture CPU with PrC (Pre-check) function
  • Consistent functions, performance and reliability with 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® scalable processor
  • Compatible to x86 ecosystem
  • Applicable to general server platforms