M88P5010/M88P5000 (DDR5 PMIC)

Product Description

M88P5010/M88P5000 is a JEDEC-compliant Power Management IC (PMIC) for DDR5 Server DIMM applications. The chip contains four DC-DC buck converters and two low-dropout regulators (LDO, 1.8 V and 1.0 V), and supports I²C/I3C serial bus to meet different application requirements.

The PMIC is designed to provide power support for other on-DIMM chips such as DRAM, RCD, DB, SPD Hub, and TS. The CPU implements power management by communicating with the PMIC via the SPD Hub. M88P5010 is designed for low-current RDIMMs, while M88P5000 is designed for high-current RDIMMs and LRDIMMs.


Notes: Here shows the application of PMIC on the DDR5 LRDIMM as an example.

Feature List

  • Compatible with JEDEC specification
  • Wide VIN_BULK voltage range to support 12 V power supply in normal case and 5 V power supply mainly in Switch-Over case
  • COT structure to provide fast transient load response
  • Selectable FCCM or DCM operation
  • Configurable Power On and Power Off sequence with programmable Soft Start/Soft Stop time
  • Voltage, output current, output power and temperature reporting
  • Input supply Switch Over function to provide uninterrupted operation
  • I²C and I3C serial bus interface
  • Non-Write Protect mode for debug and validation
  • Protection functions, such as OVP, UVP, OCL and OTP with error log counter and data storage
  • 35-pin FCQFN package


  • DDR5 Server DIMMs
    • M88P5010: Low-current RDIMM
    • M88P5000: High-current RDIMM and LRDIMM

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