Product Description

M88TS5110 is a high-accuracy temperature sensor (TS) designed for DDR5 server DIMMs such as RDIMM and LRDIMM. The TS is compatible with JEDEC TS5110 specification and supports two-wire I3C Basic bus (up to 12.5 MHz) and I²C bus (up to 1 MHz). The server CPU can communicate with the TS via the SPD Hub to manage the temperature of the memory module.

The TS is an important component of the DDR5 server DIMMs. The current mainstream DIMMs are expected to be equipped with 2 TS chips per DIMM.


Notes: Here shows the application of TS on the DDR5 LRDIMM as an example.

Feature List

  • Compatible with JEDEC specification
  • Temperature sensor with high accuracy
  • Two-wire I²C and I3C serial bus interface
  • Packet Error Check (PEC) Function
  • Parity Error Check Function
  • Bus Reset Function
  • In-Band Interrupt (IBI)
  • 6-ball WLCSP package


  • DDR5 Server RDIMM and LRDIMM

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