M88SC26HA/B (HSDIMM®-Lite)

Product Description

M88SC26HA/B is a Hybrid Security DIMM-Lite (HSDIMM®-Lite) device based on JEDEC DDR4 RDIMM architecture. HSDIMM®-Lite consists of a set of 8 Gb DDR4 SDRAMs and a security RCD equipped with Montage’s Security Authorization Management (SAM) mechanism, which provides command/address tracing and data protection for memory systems via security access rule matching and key management. HSDIMM®-Lite has rich features relative to data security, including real-time monitoring of CPU access to memory, tracing and/or blocking of unauthorized access commands, etc. M88SC26HA/B delivers a DIMM-level security solution for the memory systems of demanding servers. It supports data rates up to DDR4-2666 and has flexible capacity options of 16 GB (M88SC26HA) and 32 GB (M88SC26HB).

Product Specification

DIMM TypeHSDIMM®-Lite (DDR4 RDIMM based Hybrid Security DIMM)
CapacityM88SC26HA: 16 GB (based on 8 Gb DDR4 SDRAM)   
M88SC26HB: 32 GB (based on 8 Gb DDR4 SDRAM)
Voltage1.2 V
Pin Number288
ConfigurationM88SC26HA: DDP 1R×4  
M88SC26HB: DDP 2R×4
ComponentsM88SC26HA: (DDP 2G×4)×18  
M88SC26HB: (DDP 2G×4)×36

Feature and Application

  • Compatible with JEDEC DDR4 RDIMM
  • SAM (Security Authorization Management) mechanism:
    • 16 security access rules configurable at rank level
    • 3-level access authorization management for DRAM data protection: read-enable, read-write-enable, frozen
    • Up to 64 logs of unauthorized access commands for real-time tracing
  • Fixed CLA of 3nCK
  • Applicable to Jintide® and other general server platforms

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