M88DR4DB02P/M88NR4DB02P (Gen2 Plus DDR4 DB)

Product Description

M88DR4DB02P/M88NR4DB02P is a Gen2 Plus DDR4 Data Buffer (DB), which is compliant with the JEDEC DDR4DB02 specification and supports data rates up to DDR4-3200. The DBs can be used in conjunction with Montage’s Gen2 Plus DDR4 RCD (M88DR4RCD02P) for LRDIMM and NVDIMM (Non-Volatile Dual In-line Memory Module) applications, that is, 1 * RCD + 9 * M88DR4DB02P used for one LRDIMM, or 1 * RCD + 9 * M88NR4DB02P used for one NVDIMM.


Notes: Here shows the application of DB on the DDR4 LRDIMM as an example.


  • Compliant with JEDEC DDR4DB02 standard
  • Speed up to DDR4-3200
  • Optional NVDIMM support features (only for M88NR4DB02P)
  • Bidirectional retiming and 1:1 redriving of DDR4 data (DQ) signals
  • Regeneration of data strobe (DQS) signals from input clock
  • FIFOs on the DQ path for decoupling Host and DRAM interface time domains
  • Up to four package ranks supported
  • Package rank timing alignment supported on the Host interface
  • x4 DRAM devices supported
  • VDD voltage support: 1.2V
  • Parity error checking and sequence error checking on the BCOM interface
  • Different power saving modes such as CKE low power mode, CK stop mode, etc
  • Green package: Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA)


  • M88DR4DB02P for DDR4 LRDIMM
  • M88NR4DB02P for DDR4 NVDIMM

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