M88DR5DB01 (DDR5 DB)

M88DR5DB01 is a Gen1 DDR5 Data Buffer (DB) with data rates up to 4800MT/s and VDD supply of 1.1V. The DB is fully compliant with the JEDEC DDR5DB01 specification and is designed for use on DDR5 LRDIMMs. A DDR5 LRDIMM is equipped with one DDR5 RCD and 10 DBs, with 5 DBs per subchannel. The DB features a dual 4-bit host bus interface connecting to one memory controller and a dual 4-bit DRAM interface connecting to two x4 DRAMs, thus enabling increased memory capacity and robust performance for the memory system used in server platforms.


Notes: Here shows the application of DB on the DDR5 LRDIMM as an example.


  • Fully compliant with JEDEC DDR5DB01 specification
  • Speed up to 4800MT/s
  • Dual 4-bit bidirectional retiming and 1:1 redriving of DQ signals
  • Two x4 DRAMs supported
  • FIFOs on DQ path for decoupling Host and DRAM interface time domains
  • Strobe and Data training support
  • DRAM periodic update supported
  • 1.1V VDD voltage support
  • Green package: 55-Ball FCBGA



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