Montage Technology Starts Producing 2nd-Gen DDR5 RCDs

Date Released:

Shanghai, May 9, 2022 -- Montage Technology, a leading data processing and interconnect IC design company, today announced it is now producing its 5600 MT/s 2nd-generation DDR5 RCD (RCD02) chip to support memory module vendors to enable the DDR5-5600 ecosystem. The new device is targeted for demanding applications such as next-generation servers, edge computing, and AI.

The RCD02 is compliant with the latest JEDEC DDR5RCD02 specification. Compared with the 1st-generation RCD (RCD01), the RCD02 boosts DDR5 data rate by 16.67%. The RCD02 chip adopts dual-channel memory architecture, supports 1.1V VDD and 1.0V VDDIO voltages and several power saving modes, thus enabling a great reduction in power consumption.

In addition to providing industry-leading performance, power efficiency and reliability at the device level, Montage’s DDR5 RCD02 solution supports CA, CS and DFE training modes, dual frequency, as well as other advanced features to facilitate the higher speed for the next generation DDR5 platform.

“An insatiable demand for bandwidth in everything from high-performance computing to AI training, gaming, is fueling the development of the next-generation memory,” said Montage Technology’s President, Stephen Tai. “Montage is delighted to be the first in the industry to successfully produce the DDR5 RCD02 chip to help meet the ever-increasing demand for memory bandwidth.”

“The rapidly expanding of data-intensive computing applications requires that we continue to build better memory solutions with high levels of reliability, efficiency and scalability,” said Sungsoo Ryu, Head of DRAM Product Planning & Enabling at SK hynix, “SK hynix has collaborated with partners like Montage with proven product development to continue to meet the market demand.”

Both the DDR5 RCD01 (Part No. M88DR5RCD01) and RCD02 (Part No. M88DR5RCD02) are available for sale now.

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