Product Description

M88HS26SA is a 64 GB Hybrid Security DIMM (HSDIMM®) based on JEDEC DDR4 LRDIMM architecture. It supports data rates up to DDR4-2666 and consists of a set of 16 Gb DDR4 SDRAMs and Montage’s DDR4 RCD & DB chipset which employs Montage proprietary Mont-ICMT® (Inspection & Control on Memory Traffic) technology. In addition to the functions listed in the JEDEC spec, M88HS26SA also supports command/address/data recording from the CPU during the tracing process, the control of the tracing action, and recorded data transactions through the DCI interface for real-time analysis. These features enable M88HS26SA to provide silicon-level data security solutions for server platforms.

Product Specification

DIMM TypeHSDIMM® (DDR4 LRDIMM based Hybrid Security DIMM)
Capacity64 GB (based on 16 Gb DDR4 SDRAM)
Voltage1.2 V
Pin Number288
ConfigurationDDP 4R×4
Components(DDP 4G×4)×36

Feature and Application

  • Designed based on JEDEC DDR4 LRDIMM architecture
  • Additional data tracing feature for data security application beyond the JEDEC spec
  • Built-in Mont-ICMT® (Montage Inspection & Control on Memory Traffic) technology:
    • Real-time inspection on memory data transactions and control of tracing action
    • Uploading recorded memory data for real-time analysis
  • Providing recorded data transactions through DCI interface
    • DCI Interface: PCIe 2.0/1.0 mode support
  • Applicable to Jintide® server platform

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