M88DDR4RCD01 (Gen1 DDR4 RCD)

Product Description

M88DDR4RCD01 is a 32-bit 1:2 configurable Gen1 DDR4 Registering Clock Driver (RCD) with parity for DDR4 RDIMM and LRDIMM applications. The RCD is compliant with JEDEC DDR4RCD01 specification, supports data rates up to 2400MT/s and VDD supply of 1.2V. By buffering the command, address, control, and clock signals of the memory channel, the chip reduces the load of the memory controller and enhances the signal integrity, thus boosting the capacity and bandwidth of the memory system.


Notes: Here shows the application of RCD on the DDR4 RDIMM as an example.


  • Compliant with JEDEC DDR4RCD01 specification
  • Speed up to DDR4-2400
  • 32-bit 1:2 registering buffer for address and control signals
  • Integrated PLL clock driver distributing one differential clock pair to five differential pairs
  • VDD voltage support: 1.2 V
  • Dual and Quad chip selects support
  • Parity checking on command and address inputs
  • Output characteristics configurable through control registers
  • Constant propagation delay with VT variations
  • ZQ calibration of Ron and IBT values
  • Programmable latency equalization support
  • CA bus training mode support to align the incoming CA and CTRL signals optimally
  • I²C interface support
  • Different power saving modes such as S3 low power mode, CK Stop mode, etc.
  • Low power consumption
  • Green package: Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA)



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