DDR3/2 Products


Montage provides JEDEC-compliant DDR3 Registering Clock Driver (RCD) and Memory Buffer (MB). These two products can be used on Registered DIMMs (RDIMMs) and Load-Reduced DIMMs (LRDIMMs) respectively, enabling high-speed, high-performance, and low-power memory solutions for various server and cloud computing application scenarios.

Montage provides DDR2 Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB), featuring low power and high capacity, which is a key device of Fully Buffered DIMMs (FBDIMMs). Montage’s AMB can provide superior FBDIMM-based memory solutions for servers and workstations.

Product List

Part No.Product TypeMax Data Rate (Mbps)Supply Voltage (V)Application
M88MB6000DDR3 MB18661.5/1.35/1.25DDR3 LRDIMM
M88SSTE32882H0DDR3 RCD18661.5/1.35/1.25DDR3 RDIMM
M88MB3000DDR2 AMB8001.5/1.8/3.3DDR2 FBDIMM